Cordial, skilled operators are available to answer your questions and schedule cleaning appointments to fit your busy schedule. Estimates are provided for all phases of our cleaning service at no cost to you.
Courteous, friendly, and experienced technicians arrive promptly at your home equipped with all the special tools they need to thoroughly and gently clean your carpets, draperies, and furniture.
You'll feel comfortable with having our conscientious and respectful technicians in your home. Only the technician and the cleaning tool enters your home, leaving our powerful cleaning system in the truck.

Our technician carefully measures the area of carpeting to be cleaned. Our charges are based exclusively on the total square footage cleaned. If you should also select a topical treatment, that too is based solely on the area covered.
Our operator explains our cleaning process which uses the very latest technology. Your home and your possessions are treated with our utmost respect.
Problem areas are discussed along with appropriate treatment. We have various remedies that have been carefully developed for pre-spotting carpet and furniture.

Furniture is carefully moved and replaced upon completion of the cleaning service.
Our special system cleans deep into your carpet without wetting the backing. More than ninety-five percent of the water is removed which permits rapid drying. With our system it is safe to clean carpet which has been placed over hardwood floors.
The patented Bane-Cleneİ System cleans gently but thoroughly. Soil and waste water are discharged into our own disposal facility. No harsh brushes or abrasive chemicals are used so carpets stay soft, the texture is restored, colors are brightened, and future soiling is minimized.
Our soap-free system leaves no soapy residues to cause rapid re-soiling. Shrinkage and discoloration are avoided by our use of warm water.

Protective foil tabs or wood blocks are placed beneath your furniture until your carpet is thoroughly dry. Our technicians will gladly return to remove them for you at no charge if you should need assistance.
Stairs, valuable area rugs, kitchen and indoor-outdoor carpeting can also be cleaned by our skilled professionals with the same exceptional results.
For those fabrics which need to be dry-cleaned, we carry our own portable dry-cleaning unit which safely cleans the most delicate textiles. We clean your furniture and draperies in your home to eliminate unnecessary transportation and possible damage to your possessions.

A safe, fast-drying fabric protector is applied following the cleaning of your furniture to protect the fine fabric from future stains and spills.
Carpet protector and odor control treatments are optional services you may select.
We want to make sure you're pleased with our service! We welcome your comments on how we can maintain our high standards. Our number one commitment is to satisfy you.

We also provide smoke and water damage cleaning.

We carpeted the grease bay in a gas station to prove the effectiveness of our carpet cleaning system.

Forty carpet samples, representing a wide range of fibers, construction and design, were used to carpet the grease bay in a busy Union 76 service station.   Safe, gentle cleaning agents were used with normal cleaning procedures. Carpet samples showed no adverse effects from the soiling or cleaning.   A light-colored, residential design was installed in a second grease bay. Cut pile face yarns responded beautifully to the cleaning.

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