Ron & Maurine Mitchell

The Clover Carpet Cleaning System is the one to use when your fine upholstered furniture is badly soiled and in need of special care.

Our system consists of a mobile cleaning plant which is brought to your home. Carefully trained technicians will determine the correct method of cleaning: the dry cleaning system or the water-based method, depending on the type of fabric to be cleaned. Both methods are safe, thorough, efficient, and convenient.

Scientifically formulated cleaning agents penetrate the fabric and dissolve the soil. The operator then extracts over 95% of all residual matter, thus preventing graying and soil re-depositing.

Included in this deluxe cleaning service is the application of our Sta-Clene Formula 940 Fabric Protector which guards against future spills, stains, spots and soil, and will keep them from penetrating and ruining your fabric.

Your treasured furnishings will never have to leave your home, yet their beauty and freshness will be restored.

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